Quality System and Certifications

Dini Argeo, a company which has been producing scales and weighing systems since 1846, has been registered since 02/04/1906 at the Registry of Metric Manufacturers provided by the Royal Decree nr. 226 of 12/06/1902.
Dini Argeo has obtained the Quality Management System Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm.

Certificato di qualitàQuality certificate

Certificato di qualitàCompany mission & policy
Dini Argeo is an ATEX notified company according to the 2014/34/EU directive (attachment IV). The Dini Argeo production process is therefore certified for the production and sales of equipment marked Ex, for the use in potentially explosive environments.
Dini Argeo has obtained the ATEX EX NEPSI Certification for China, for its weight indicators destined for the use in potentially explosive environments, 2GD areas.
Dini Argeo is a certified company for the production and supply of IECEx certified equipment marked Ex, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres that require the IECEx certification scheme.
Dini Argeo produces instruments in compliance with the requirements laid down by the recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML):
- Load cells approved to OIML R60.
- Non-automatic weighing instruments approved to OIML R76.
- OIML R134 approved dynamic weighers for vehicle transiting at a low speed.
- OIML R51 (MID) approved “start/stop” automatic catchweigher on belt conveyors.
- Gravimetric fi lling instruments approved to OIML R61 (MID).
Dini Argeo manufactures nonautomatic weighing instruments in conformity with the 2014/31/EU Directive.
The DG mark states the instrument is subject to the EC verification by the manufacturer according to the Certificate of EC approval of the Production Quality Assurance System.
Dini Argeo is CIBE Service Partner, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited metrological laboratory for calibration and periodic verification of masses and scales (NAWI and AWI) and adheres to CIBE refresher programs in the field of legal and scientific metrology.
Dini Argeo produces approved or approvable instruments for a legal-for-trade use following the European regulation EN 45501 and the directive 2014/31/EU.
The metrological marking indicates that the instrument is covered by a type approval certificate, released by an european notified body, that validates the idoneity for a legal use. This approval is fundamental for all the instrument legal-for-trade uses, in relationship with third parties.
XX are the last two digits of the year in which the metrological marking has been applied.
yy shows the identifying number of the notified body that performs in the production control.
Dini Argeo is a member of the UKWF (United Kingdom Weighing Federation), the national trade association for manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, repairers, installers and service organisations involved in the United Kingdom weighing industry.
Dini Argeo is a member of the CWIA (China Weighing Instrument Association), the national trade association that since 1983 includes manufacturers, distributors, researchers, educators, government officials involved in the China weighing industry.
Dini Argeo manufactures instruments conforming to GOST-R standards.
Dini Argeo is a member of the WIAA (Weighing Industry Association of Australia), the national body representing companies and businesses engaged in the manufacture, sales and service of laboratory, industrial and retail weighing equipment.