A History of Strength, Success and Service

Founding Dini Argeo

In 1846, Dini Antonio founded the company in the province of Modena, Italy, an area active in mechanical production. The company began producing weighing equipment for the farming sector.

Turn of the Century

In 1906, Dini Argeo was recognized as a metric manufacturer on the Registro dei Fabbricanti Metrici.

Going Digital

In the 1980s, the arrival of electronics and their application in weighing systems compelled Dini Argeo to begin creating digital weighing systems with hardware and software solutions to satisfy customers’ specific demands for diverse industrial and commercial sectors.

Total Weighing Solutions Provider

Today, Dini Argeo designs and produces weighing systems and components with time-tested quality and exceptional customer service across the world. They are a global leader in the area of mobile, industrial and retail weighing systems.

Becoming a company of Rice Lake

In the fall of 2016, Dini Argeo was acquired by Rice Lake Weighing Systems. The two brands' strong history and ideals will increase customers' product and service offering in Europe and around the world.

Dini Argeo has been active since 1846, producing scales and weighing systems. The company has been listed, since 02/04/1906 on the Registro dei Fabbricanti Metrici, the register of metric manufacturers.