ATEX Solution

Dini Argeo:
ATEX solutions for over 20 years

Dini Argeo is an international reference point for the realization of weighing systems for hazardous areas.

The investments in research and development and staff training, started towards the end of the 90’s, allowed the company to broaden its skills until obtaining the ATEX notification in 2004.

Today Dini Argeo boasts the widest range of ATEX solutions available on the market, for every weighing need, with over 50,000 installations worldwide and a series of IECEX certified products for the international market.

What does it mean to be an ATEX notified company?

The Notification of quality assurance of the production process, according to Annex IV of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, attests the validation of the Quality System for company production by ATEX Notified Bodies.

The validation of the quality system is renewed annually, through an inspection carried out by a third-party body in charge. Each ATEX certified product is checked by specialized technicians through specific tests, mechanical and electrical verifications.

Being an ATEX Notified company also means keeping your staf up to date with all the news and changes in the regulations, through training courses, consultancy and constant study of new regulations.

A team of ATEX specialists at your service

Each ATEX marked product undergoes a scrupulous quality control, which guarantees its safety once installed in an hazardous area.

The testing of the products is entrusted to a specialized team coordinated by a product manager with over 20 years of experience. Dini Argeo also has all the necessary instrumentation to perform the tests required by the regulations.