Privacy policy
Updated pursuant to the EU Regulation (GDPR).

Users’ privacy is important to Dini Argeo. We have developed this privacy policy in order to provide information on how we process personal data, on the interaction with our technicians working for customer service, on submitting job applications, and on visits to the website www.diniargeo.com or other websites of the Dini Argeo group of companies.
“Personal data” are any information relating to an identified or identifiable person.  This Privacy policy is divided in the following sections:
  • Categories of processed Personal data
  • Categories of Recipients of Personal data
  • Transfer of Personal data
  • Cookies and similar technologies
  • Children
  • Updates to the Privacy policy
  • Retention of Personal data
  • Controller and Processor of data
  • User’s rights
Categories of processed Personal data
Personal data processed during the creation of an account:

During the creation of a company account, the user is asked to provide their e-mail address and the name of the contact person and other contact information.
Purpose and legal grounds:

(a) Dini Argeo processes the user’s e-mail address and name so that the user may be assigned a user name and a password to access his/her account. The legal grounds for the processing of the user’s e-mail address for this purpose are based on Dini Argeo’s legitimate interest in safeguarding the security of the user’s account.

(b) Dini Argeo processes the e-mail address also in order to send important information on the account or products, as well as important information on security or material amendments to this privacy policy. The legal grounds for the processing of the user’s e-mail address and name for these purposes are Dini Argeo’s legitimate interest in providing important information on security or other types of information related to the account or products or on material amendments of this Privacy policy.

(c) If the user explicitly consents to receive marketing information, Dini Argeo will process the user’s e-mail address also to send them marketing information relating to products and services. The legal grounds for the processing of the user’s e-mail address for this purpose are the consent provided by the user. It is possible to withdraw consent at any time by notifying customer service.

(d) Dini Argeo also processes the user’s e-mail address and name to associate them with their account during contact with our customer service operators. The legal grounds for this processing are our legitimate interest in providing quality customer services.

Personal data that are processed when you contact Dini Argeo:

When a customer contacts the customer service operators via e-mail, on the phone, online or in person, it is possible that we will collect personal data, such as the name, the postal address, the telephone number, the e-mail address and the preferences of the customer, as well as information on Dini Argeo products that the customer has acquired, e.g. the relevant serial numbers and the dates of purchase. It is also possible that we will create event logs used to diagnose problems in the products’ performance and that we will collect information relating to the service or a problem with the service. To improve customer service and pursuant to the applicable legislation, Dini Argeo may also analyse any feedback that the customer has willingly provided by replying to surveys. With the user’s consent, our customer service operators can access their account, if necessary, in order to help resolve the reported problem.

Purpose and legal grounds:

Dini Argeo will use this information to provide customer service and product support and to monitor their quality and type. The legal grounds for the processing of this information for these purposes are the legitimate interest of Dini Argeo in providing support for quality products. The legal grounds for access to the Dini Argeo account, if such access is required, in order to help solve problems are the consent provided by the user, which may be withdrawn at any time.

Personal data that are processed when job applications are sent to Human Resources:

The identifying and curricular personal data, which may also be sensitive, collected on the candidate are processed and used to follow up on the Candidate’s application; more specifically, to verify that the recruitment requirements are met and/or for the start of a collaboration. Only common data will be collected. The candidate will not be requested to provide so-called sensitive data or data regarding the state of their health.
Without prejudice to the case in which the data in question must be known in order to establish a work relationship, with particular reference to the Candidate possibly being a member of protected categories and to any pre-recruitment medical visits. The data will be processed digitally, electronically and on paper.
Nature of the provision and consent: The provision of data is optional and arises from the wish of the candidate to submit their CV. As regards data that will be subsequently and eventually required by the Controller, if such data are not provided it will be impossible to verify that the recruitment requirements are met and/or to start the collaboration and, therefore, to eventually establish the relationship with the Controller.
Consent is not necessary for processing when such processing relates to data contained in the CVs that the Candidates send spontaneously towards the eventual establishment of a work/collaboration relationship. The same applies to any sensitive data that has been submitted.
Specific consent for the processing of data will be asked during the interview of the invited candidate.
Communication and dissemination: The data collected will not be disseminated, with the exception of any other companies of the Dini Argeo group.
Retention time: The data will be retained by the Controller up to and for no more than five years from their collection, except for the eventual establishment of the work/collaboration relationship.
Rights of the candidate: the candidate may at any time exercise their rights vis-a-vis the controller,
by contacting the head of Human Resources to either request (for example) the confirmation of the existence of the data, their origin, their purpose, their update, their deletion or in order to exercise their right to object.
Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
Other service providers:
Dini Argeo uses third-party cloud services, such as IContact, as help in sending e-mails. Such services allow to monitor email-related activities as though the e-mails had been opened, as though the user had clicked on the links contained therein and as though a purchase were made following such clicks. Dini Argeo uses such data to analyse the level of involvement with its e-mails.
Other disclosures:
Dini Argeo may disclose the user’s personal information to third parties: (a) if the user consents; (b) in relation to a summons, a judicial order, a court decision, legal proceedings or other legal obligations; (c) in order to apply Dini Argeo terms, conditions or criteria; or (d) when necessary, in order to pursue available remedies or to defend its legal rights. Dini Argeo may also transfer the user’s personal data to an affiliated company or to a third party also in the case or reorganisation, merge, sale, joint venture, participation, transfer or other disposal, total or partial, of Dini Argeo’s commercial activities, resources or equity securities, including, without limitation, bankruptcy or similar proceedings, on the condition that the entity to which the data are transferred will not be authorised to process the personal data for purposes other than the ones described in this Privacy policy without prior notification or, if this is stipulated by applicable legislation, without obtaining the user’s consent.

Transfer of Personal Data
Dini Argeo is an international company. In order to provide our products and services, we must be able to transfer the user’s personal data to other companies of the Dini Argeo group in other Countries. The personal data of persons who reside in a country of the European Economic Area or in Switzerland are controlled by Dini Argeo S.r.l. and processed by Dini Argeo S.r.l. on its own behalf.
All Dini Argeo companies must comply with the confidentiality practices mentioned in this Privacy policy.

Cookies and similar technologies
Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited by the user send to their browser (desktop, tablet and mobile). The information contained in cookies may be of various types, be used for various purposes and remain in the user’s computer for various lengths of time.

Technical cookies
These are cookies that are used for the correct navigation and use of the website, e.g. session or navigation cookies.

Third-party cookies
Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a website other than the one currently being visited.

Profile cookies
These are cookies used to create profiles related to the user with the aim of providing them with advertising content that is tailored to their tastes and, consequently, improve the performance of the advertising campaign.

Dini Argeo uses exclusively technical cookies for the correct functioning of the website and applies third-party cookies by Google Analytics. For these last cookies, Dini Argeo adopts tools that reduce the cookies’ identifying power and the third party does not cross-reference the information collected with other information it already holds.
We do not use Advertising, profiling or social plugin tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
It is possible to eliminate cookies or block them by following the procedure put in place by the developer of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera, etc.). Deactivating cookies, however, may prevent the website from functioning properly.

The Dini Argeo websites are not meant for children younger than 16 who, therefore, will not have to provide personal data. If the company becomes aware that it has collected personal data of persons younger than 16, it will take the required measures to delete such information immediately.
Updates to the Privacy policy
We reserve the right to occasionally update this Privacy policy with the addition of new products and apps, in relation to improvements to our offers and to the evolution of technology and the law. To know when the Privacy policy was last updated, check the date mentioned under “Last update” at the top of the page. Any amendments will come into force on the date of publication of the latest version of the Privacy policy.
In case of significant amendments, we will notify users and, if stipulated by law, we will obtain their consent.
Retention of Personal data
We will retain the user’s personal data for the entire period of time during which the Dini Argeo account will be active and for the terms stipulated by law in case of contractual obligations or if stipulated by financial legislation. Furthermore, it will be possible to view a description of the right to deletion under “User’s rights”.
Controller and Processor of data
Your personal data that are collected by Dini Argeo are controlled by Dini Argeo S.r.l. -  Via della Fisica 20 – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Italy. The processor of the data of Dini Argeo resides at the same address.

User’s rights
If the user resides in the European Union, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, they have the right to request from Dini Argeo access to, the correction or the deletion of their personal data, the portability of the data, the restriction of the processing of personal data, the right to object to the processing of their personal data and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. If the user resides outside the European Union, they may have analogous rights based on local legislation.
If the user wishes to exercise their right of restriction or objection to the processing of data, they must contact Dini Argeo’s data protection officer at Dini Argeo Srl - Via della Fisica 20 – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Italy
Selling and Supporting Products Restrictions
As countries and companies place restrictions on the locations they will do business with, it is critical you understand how these restrictions may apply to you, so you can maintain trade compliance.

Companies located in these countries cannot receive sales or support for Rice Lake's global brands products from our offices or through our authorized distributors: Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Crimean Region.

Read our full guide: selling and Supporting Products Internationally.  

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