Bench Scales



EASYPESA bench and floor scales with DFWK06XPCC indicator, with 17-key keypad.

Simples and economics, modular weighing solutions. The DFWXP weight indicator offers high weighing performance and a built-in rechargeable battery with very long life. The many selectable functions allow to totalize the executed weighs, count pieces, freeze the weight on the display, activate relay outputs (in option), and print tickets complete with header. The EasyPesa systems are available in legal for trade approved version.


  • DFWXP series weighing indicator:
    - Easy to clean ABS waterproof IP65 enclosure.
    - LCD backlit display with high contrast digits.
    - 5-key functional or 17-key numerical and functional waterproof keypad.
    - The "...PXP..." versions are fitted with attached thermal printer and real time clock.
    - Built-in rechargeable battery (60 hours with one 350-Ohm load cell) and 110-240 Vac internal power adapter.

  • T series - single cell platform:
    - Steel tubular structure, oven-fire painted blue.
    - AISI 304 Satin finish stainless steel loading surface.
    - Adjustable resting feet and level.


    Zeroing, Automatic tare, Presettable tare, printing and/or data transmission, selectable function command, on/off switching.
    17-key Version: Database of 10 tares, 2 Numeric IDs, keyboard lock, repetition of last printout made.

  • High resolution visualization x 10, useful to view the weight with a sensitivity 10 times greater.
  • Net/Gross conversion, it means the possibility to switch between the displaying of the net weight to the gross weight by pushing a button, when a tare is active.
  • kg/lb conversion with the print of a receipt in both the two units.
  • Horizontal accumulation: sum fo more successive weighs and print of the total.
  • Formula weighing: manual mixing of various consecutive products according to the formula or loading of the pallet with various products and print of the total.
  • +/- tolerance checking, to verify if the weight is within the desired limits.
  • Percentage weighing, it means the displaying of the weight percentage on the scale compared with the configured 100%.
  • Approved transmission of the weight to PC/PLC or data recording on MMC/USB (with Alibi memory ALMEM option).
  • Simple pieces counting, with entry of the reference quantity or of the average unit weight with 17-key keyboard.
  • Hold, manual freezing of the weight on display.
  • Set Point Control (with DFIO option), on the net or gross weight, with programmable thresholds. When the threshold is reached, the correspondent relay is activated / deactivated.
  • Printouts with customizable header.

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