DGT Series


  • Number of scales/channels: 1
  • Calibration:
    - Theoretical (mV\V)
    - With sample weights
    - Via WEB SERVER
    - From the keyboard
    - From PC with Dinitools
  • Maximum number of load cells: Up to 16 Dini Argeo and Rice Lake digital load cells
  • Load cell excitation voltage: digital load cells need a dedicated optional power supplier
  • Number of legal-for-trade divisions:
    Up to 10,000e or multi-field 3,000+3,000e
  • Linearization: up to 8 points
  • Communication ports:
    - 1 micro-USB port (device) for PC configuration with Dinitools® and XSpeed Tool
    - 1 RS485 for load cells management and repeater connection
    - 1 RS232 port (Mod. DGT4X / DGT4XAN)
    - Analog output: 16 bit
    (DGT4XAN Model) 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc
    - Fieldbus: see available models
  • Communication protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII or Fieldbus
  • Communication rate:
    - On serial port up to 1600 Hz
    - On Fieldbus up to 120 Hz
    - Via Modbus RTU up to 110 Hz
  • PC programs for configuration: Dinitools
  • Display: 14,2 mm red LED, 6 characters
  • Keyboard: 5-key mechanical
    Keyboard functions: Zeroing, Tare, Function mode, Manual data printing/sending, ON/Stand-by
    Functions modes: Setpoint, High resolution, Alibi Memory, Unit of measure conversion, Unbalancing alarm, Broken load cell exclusion
  • Housing: ABS, for Din bar (106 x 56 x 118 mm)
  • Power supply: 12÷24 Vdc
  • Operating temperature range:
    - For internal use -20°C ÷ +60°C
    - Approved -10°C ÷ +40°C
  • Max humidity: 85%, non-condensing
  • UL certified version
Digital weight transmitter designed specifically for use with digital weighbridge and silo weighing. It integrates functionalities for load cell addressing, quick replacement, equalisation and calibration. It provides diagnostics and weight readings for each connected load cell. Truck or silo weight can be sent to a PC via Fieldbus protocol, analog output or RS485. It can be used in legal for trade applications when combined with Rice Lake and Dini Argeo digital weighbridge load cells.

Available versions:

CE-M EN 45501, OIML R-76, Australian approval

Integrated WEB SERVER as standard for configuration, diagnostics and data backup


  • Load cells addressing
  • Load cell quick change
  • Load cell exclusion (silo weighing)
  • Load balance monitoring
  • Digital equalisation
  • Calibration
  • All main scale functionalities (zero, tare, autozero, etc.)


  • Dini Argeo RCD
  • Dini Argeo RCPTD
  • Rice Lake RL5416DC
  • Rice Lake RL5426DC


  • The integrated WEB SERVER provides complete diagnostics, calibration and remote configuration of the weight transmitter from the Ethernet network.
  • Only for PROFINET.
  • XSPEED Tool is the PC program for optimizing the performance of the weighing system integrated in the process and industrial automation. Through XSPEED TOOL, you can set the most suitable weighing filter for your application and create custom filters, thus maximizing the speed and accuracy of weighing in static and dynamic applications.
  • Free download from the Download section.

Available versions
DGT4XDL Weight transmitter specific for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake digital load cells.
DGT4XDLAN Weight transmitter specific for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake digital load cells. With 0-10 V or 4-20 mA analog output.
DGT4XDLPRONET Weight transmitter specific for Dini Argeo and Rice Lake digital load cells. Integrated dual-port PROFINET interface.
RS485 lightning and surge protection
RS485PDIN Protection circuit for port 485, with enclosure for DIN rail installation. Protection according to IEC 1000-4-5/D (IEC 801-5/D).
Approval for sale to third parties
KCEM Plates and Welmec form for legal trade use of a scale. NET PRICE. Service available in combination with a Dini Argeo indicator.
ECEM-AU Single platform/scale legal-for-trade approval for Australia.
PC Softwares
D-LEGAL Legal for trade approved software for recording weighing results to a PC (virtual alibi function) with an integrated API library for interfacing with other software.
D-API Software for recording weighing results to a PC (for internal use) with an integrated API library for interfacing with other software.
Printers/Labellers (on RS232, only for version without fieldbus module)
TPRP(S1) Panel thermal printer. Fitted with connection cable, 5Vdc power supply (power adapter not included).
TPRPCAL 5Vdc power supply unit.
Clock Calendar / Alibi Memory for type-approved communication
ALMEM-1(S1) Alibi memory (fiscal memory, max 120.000 weighs) for approved weight transmission to PC/PLC or data recording on MMC/USB. Built-in real time clock to print the date/time with PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and UL-marked labels. If applicable, it requires FW 05.00.02 or higher. Not compatible with weight repeaters.
DFCLK(S1) Real time clock for printing/displaying of date and time. With UL marked PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and labels (if applicable).
Power supplier for DIN bar
MDR2015 15Vdc power unit for DIN bar. 110/240Vac input. CE and UL certified. Not compatible with BOX2121S.
Communication Interfaces (on RS232, only for version without fieldbus module)
SETHDIN-1 RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet converter. Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP/IP (if applicable). Connectable to all Dini Argeo weight indicators via the serial port. ABS housing for DIN rail. With PCB, screw terminals, plastic box and UL marked labels (if applicable).
Other options
UMAN Printed user manual (Free download from the website).
TECMAN Printed technical manual (Free download from the website).
TECSUP Technical assistance by telephone upon request.
ECEMDOC Printed EU declaration of conformity, EU certificate of verification, test certificate and metrological book (free download from our website, only for approved CE-M products). NET €.

Pdf product page All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.