Weighing on forklifts and electric pallet trucks

Choose the solution that best suits your needs

Dini Argeo offers a wide range of solutions to integrate weighing in forklifts, pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks: from pressure sensors, to forks and weighing plates, to turn your forklift and pallet truck into a mobile scale.
Hydraulic weighing kits, are quick and easy to install and are ideal for simple weight or overload checks. They are the most cost-effective and universal solution for integrating weighing on forklifts, stackers and electric pallet trucks.
The weighing forks guarantee fast, accurate and approved weighing. Their practicality of assembly allows for easy installation and removal when needed.
The weighing modules are the most suitable solution for heavy-duty weighing applications and permanent installations, because they combine precision and STURDINESS. Available in approved version.

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