Assembly kit

"KFX" series stainless steel kit, for FXC/FXD bending beam load cells

  "KFX" series stainless steel kit, for FXC/FXD bending beam load cells
Mounting kit for FXC/FXD series bending beam load cells up to 500 kg, with single anti-tipping system and side force compensation.
Fitted with ball joint for high-precision weighing.


  • Construction in electropolished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Anti-tipping system
  • Locking/bypass system for easy transport and maintenance
  • Overload protection nuts
  • Grounded braid for protection against electrostatic discharges
  • Available in ATEX version for zone 1&21, 2&22
Available versions
KFX Kit in stainless steel for assembling a FXC/FXD bending beam load cell up to 500 kg. (Load cell not included)
Stay rod
LNK2635 Galvanized stay rod with ball-and-socket joints. Max 100 kN. For proper installation, 2xLNKST are needed. Note: They can’t be ATEX-certified.
LNKST Single plate for stay rod. Fitted with fixing screw. (For proper installation, LNK2635 and a second LNKST are needed). Note: They can’t be ATEX-certified.
Options for ATEX version
DCATEXMECH ATEX version for the PLATFORM / LOAD CELL MOUNTING KIT for zone 1/21 (for the load cells ATEX declaration see CCATEX code). Option to be offered only if the platform is ordered without the indicator, otherwise refer to the available certifications for the chosen weight indicator. Provided with safety instructions and ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN, DE, FR, ES and IT).

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