TRI Series



TRIXT: multifunctional weight indicator, IP65 stainless steel

    Print and/or data transmission command, function command,
    Automatic tare, presettable tare, lock/unlock tare function
    Horizontal totalization active on all functioning modes, selectable between automatic and manual; management of a total level.

  • PRINT:
    Programmable printing from keyboard or from PC of 5 print formats (Print key, Totalization, Partial total, General total, Grand total, First weigh heading); each print format can contain 26 positions which may be simple ASCII codes or preconfigured print blocks (i.e. weigh progressives, gross/tare/net weigh, additional total, date and time, etc.)

    thanks to the very high resolution and to the 7-digit display, the instrument allows to create mass comparators or precision scales characterised by weigh repeatability and the very high precision. The TRIKOMP version offers the advanced digital compensation function of the creep, programmable through the software on PC, as well as a series of filters and functions studied for precision applications.
Compact, sturdy, digital weight indicator, with IP65 STAINLESS steel case. Adjustable working angle thanks to the fixing bracket, red LED display easy to consult, simple and intuitive functional keyword. Suitable for weighing in general and for weighing applications with very high resolution or mass comparator.


  • Waterproof 18-key functional keypad.
  • Red LED display, easy to consult, with 7 very bright 13-mm digits and 6 Leds for showing the active functions.
  • IP65 stainless steel case with adjustable fixing bracket; adjustable working angle for setting on a table or wall.
  • Dimensions in mm: 239,4 x 134,25 x 93,7 (foot 70mm).
  • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions for internal factory use
  • Up to 8 signal linearization points through keyboard or DINITOOLS
  • Internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  • A/D 24-bit sigma-delta conversion, 200 conv./ sec. autoselect
  • Calibration and digital Set-up configurable from keypad
  • Instrument configuration and management from PC with DINITOOLS
  • 12 Vdc power supply with fitted 240 Vac internal power adapter.
  • Connection with up to 6 load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance.


  • Horizontal / vertical / in unloading totalization, with management of 3 zeroable and printable totals independent from each other (partial total, general total, grand total).
  • +/- tolerance check
  • Percentage Weigh
  • Counting
  • Set point function active on all functioning modes.


  • Bidirectional serial port configurable as RS232/C for connection to printer
  • Bidirectional serial port configurable as RS232/C or RS485 for connection to PC/PLC, and fitted with RJ connector
  • Configurable printouts linkable to the various application programmes
Versions Available
TRIXTBC Indicator for high resolution. Stainless steel IP65 case, 18-key keypad and LED display.
OBTPRB(S1) Table thermal printer. For weight indicator, with IP40 ABS case, 1,5 m connection cable and internal power supply. Thermal paper roll included as standard.
TM295(S1) DotMatrix impact printer. Paper / Labels / Tags not included.
PRNSERV Custom-made ticket (up to 4 layouts). NET price.
Date&Time option
DFCLK(S1) Real time clock for printing/displaying of date and time. With UL marked PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and labels (if applicable).
Communication Interfaces
TRMEM-1(S1) Alibi memory for max 120.000 weighs. For approved transmission of the weight. Clock/calendar integrated for print of the date/time.
Digital Input / Output
TRIO(S1) Built-in 2 IN / 2 OUT interface (not combinable with TRMEM and DFCLK).
Connection cables
RSCBRJ(S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ11 - l=1,5m.
RSCBRJ10M(S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ11 - l=10m.
Junction Box / Boards - Load Cell cables
LCCBC(S1) Cable for connection between platform and indicator, l=50cm. Female connector to be soldered.
LCCB5C(S1) LCCBC cable + 5m extension cable.
LCCB10C(S1) LCCBC cable + 10m extension cable.
Options for ATEX version
ZBA1S Intrinsic protection three channel Zener barrier. Specific for connection to load cells, for mounting on DIN rail in a safe area, or in a flame-proof case. Marking: ATEX/IECEx II (1) GD [Ex ia Ga] IIC [Ex ia Da] IIIC. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN, DE, FR, ES and IT).
KMB4-1 Kit of 3 ATEX Zener barriers for load cells, in an ABS box. For up to 4 load cells of 350 ohm, for intrinsic protection weighing systems in a dangerous area. Marking of the whole box with three Zener barriers: ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for gas, ATEX II 3(1)D Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T130°C Dc IP65 (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C) for dusts. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN and IT).
DCATEXMB4 ATEX declaration for the whole system with Dini Argeo Zener barriers. Ex II 2G IIC T6 Gb X e Ex II 2D IIIC T125°C Db X system, with label of the whole system, for weight indicator connected to Dini Argeo zener barriers, connected to a mechanical structure with ATEX load cells (each cell must be certified with CCATEX option). Provided with descriptive document of the assembly and ATEX EU declaration of conformity of the assembly (EN and IT).
KZBA-1 ATEX ABS housing kit with Zener Barrier ZBA1S for load cells. For intrinsically safe weighing systems in a dangerous zone. Dimensions 179x359x166,5mm. Marking of housing + Zener Barrier ZBA1S: ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc X for gas, ATEX II 3(1)D Ex tc [ia Da] IIIC T135°C Dc IP66 X for dust. Provided with safety instructions and the ATEX EU declaration of conformity (EN and IT).
Floor columns
CSP38I-1 AISI 304 stainless steel column 450x450mm, h=917mm, Ø 38mm. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
CSP38 Stainless steel column 450x450mm, h=917, Ø 38mm. Painted steel base. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
CSP38D Stainless steel column 350x350mm, h=750mm. Painted steel base. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
Other options
VENT(S1) Valve for regulating humidity and pressure inside the indicator. Advised for IP68 applications.
UMAN Printed user manual (Free download from the website).
TECMAN Printed technical manual (Free download from the website).
TECSUP Technical assistance by telephone upon request.

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