XSPEED TOOL: diagnostic and weighing filter configuration software

  XSPEED TOOL: diagnostic and weighing filter configuration software
  • DGT4X Series
PC software that allows you to record the signal coming from the load cell in real time and process it by applying specific filters to remove vibrations, disturbance and noise.
Indispensable to obtain precise and fast weighs in automated weighing systems.


  • Time and frequency domain signal analysis.
  • Data reception at very high speed (up to 2600 readings per second).
  • Automatic data acquisition based on time or weight thresholds.
  • Real time signal processing.
  • Application of filters of your choice, fully configurable, to remove vibrations, oscillations, peaks etc., making the weight stable and the scale reactive and performing.
  • Calibration of the instrument, which includes:
    - Calibration using sample weights, with the possibility to linearize the system up to 8 points.
    - Theoretical calibration, with the insertion of the data of the system to be realized (load cells, dead load etc..).
  • Archive of weighs and configured filters.


  • Coarse filter for the removal of signal background noise and weight stabilization.
  • Fine filter to increase the reading accuracy.
  • Selective filter to isolate and eliminate noise with precise frequencies.


  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
  • Ram: 4 Gb
  • Free hard disk space: 250 Mb
Available versions
XSPEED "XSPEED TOOL" PC software with oscilloscope function for system diagnostics and weighing filter optimization.
License regeneration
LICGEN PC software license regeneration. To regenerate the license it is necessary to fill in the "New Software License" form that can be downloaded in the Download section. NET PRICE (*)

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