Bench Scales



EASYPESA bench and floor scales with DFWK06XPCC indicator, with 17-key keypad.

Simples and economics, modular weighing solutions. The DFWXP weight indicator offers high weighing performance and a built-in rechargeable battery with very long life. The many selectable functions allow to totalize the executed weighs, count pieces, freeze the weight on the display, activate relay outputs (in option), and print tickets complete with header. The EasyPesa systems are available in legal for trade approved version.


  • DFWXP series weighing indicator:
    - Easy to clean ABS waterproof IP65 enclosure.
    - LCD backlit display with high contrast digits.
    - 5-key functional or 17-key numerical and functional waterproof keypad.
    - The "...PXP..." versions are fitted with attached thermal printer and real time clock.
    - Built-in rechargeable battery (60 hours with one 350-Ohm load cell) and 110-240 Vac internal power adapter.

  • T series - single cell platform:
    - Steel tubular structure, oven-fire painted blue.
    - AISI 304 Satin finish stainless steel loading surface.
    - Adjustable resting feet and level.


    Zeroing, Automatic tare, Presettable tare, printing and/or data transmission, selectable function command, on/off switching.
    17-key Version: Database of 10 tares, 2 Numeric IDs, keyboard lock, repetition of last printout made.

  • High resolution visualization x 10, useful to view the weight with a sensitivity 10 times greater.
  • Net/Gross conversion, it means the possibility to switch between the displaying of the net weight to the gross weight by pushing a button, when a tare is active.
  • kg/lb conversion with the print of a receipt in both the two units.
  • Horizontal accumulation: sum fo more successive weighs and print of the total.
  • Formula weighing: manual mixing of various consecutive products according to the formula or loading of the pallet with various products and print of the total.
  • +/- tolerance checking, to verify if the weight is within the desired limits.
  • Percentage weighing, it means the displaying of the weight percentage on the scale compared with the configured 100%.
  • Approved transmission of the weight to PC/PLC or data recording on MMC/USB (with Alibi memory ALMEM option).
  • Simple pieces counting, with entry of the reference quantity or of the average unit weight with 17-key keyboard.
  • Hold, manual freezing of the weight on display.
  • Set Point Control (with DFIO option), on the net or gross weight, with programmable thresholds. When the threshold is reached, the correspondent relay is activated / deactivated.
  • Printouts with customizable header.
Available versions
l x w x h


2R (g)*
d HR
(*) These divisions are obtainable only with the relative options
Weight indicators
DFWK06XPCC 17-key indicator. IP65 ABS case, backlit LCD display, and standard weighing programme.
DFWXP 5-key indicator. IP65 ABS case, backlit LCD display.
DFWPXP Multifunction indicator 5-key keypad with attached thermal printer backlit LCD display, real time clock and standard weighing programme.
DFWKXP 17-key indicator. IP65 ABS case, backlit LCD display, and standard weighing programme.
Calibration service with weight indicator
DINICAL Connection to a Dini Argeo indicator and calibration. NET PRICE.
Optional power supply cords
PWCORDUK Power supply cord with BS1363 plug (UK plug).
PWCORDCH Power supply cord with SEV1011 plug (CH plug).
Calibration service (ACCREDIA/DAKKS) only at time of order
CT4 ISO 17025 calibration certificate from 6 to 60 kg. For precision and industrial scales, crane scales.
CT5 ISO 17025 calibration certificate from 61 to 300 kg. For precision and industrial scales, crane scales.
Legal for trade approval
ECEM CE-M Single platform/scale legal for trade approval.
ECEM2 CE-M single platform legal for trade multi range approval.
ECEMDOC Printed EU declaration of conformity, EU certificate of verification, test certificate and metrological book (free download from our website, only for approved CE-M products). NET €.
High resolution (d HR)(only at time of order)
THR High Resolution (HR) model.
Storing the weighs (only at time of order)
USBC(S1) Built-in USB port kit for data storing on USB key. Fitted with USB key for PC.
USBK Set of 5 USB keys for recording the weighs.
SWM WeiMonitor PC program to monitor and record in real time weighings performed on the connected scale(the price is intended for the license to manage one scale).
Date&Time option
DFCLK(S1) Real time clock for printing/displaying of date and time. With UL marked PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and labels (if applicable).
Communication Interfaces
ALMEM-1(S1) Alibi memory (fiscal memory, max 120.000 weighs) for approved weight transmission to PC/PLC or data recording on MMC/USB. Built-in real time clock to print the date/time with PCB, screw terminal, plastic box and UL-marked labels (if applicable).
ETHD(S1) Built-in Ethernet interface. Speed from 10 to 100 Mbps, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, Ethernet Mac protocols.
WIFITD-1(S1) Built-in WI-FI interface. For wireless connection (through access point) to the company computer system.
BLTH-2(S1) Built-in bluetooth interface. For wireless connection to the portable PC or PDA. Weighing app downloadable from Google Play.
DFIO(S1) Built-in 2 IN / 2 OUT interface (not combinable with ALMEM).
DF485(S1) RS485 bidirectional port for DFW series.
OBRF-2(S1) External 868 MHz radio module, cable l=3m. ABS IP65 protecting box, 3 m cable, power supply from weight indicator. Max. distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels.
DAC16O-1 (S1) Built-in analog output, 0-4/20 mA, 0-10VdC (cable gland excluded). For DFW, 3590 and CPW indicators. NOTE: For 3590, only with IOEXPB optional board. This interface is not available on its own, always to be combined with a weight indicator when ordering.
Connection cables
RSCBRJ(S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ11 - l=1,5m.
RSCBRJ10M(S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ11 - l=10m.
RSCBUSB-1 USB PC/RS232 converter cable, l=1,5m. USB/RJ11 connector.
Junction Box / Boards - Cell cables
LCCBC(S1) Cable for connection between platform and indicator, l=50cm. Female connector to be soldered.
LCCB5C(S1) LCCBC cable + 5m extension cable.
LCCB10C(S1) LCCBC cable + 10m extension cable.
LP542S(S1) Direct thermal labeller.
CNFSERV Custom-made printouts for DFW and DFWL series. NET price.
Attached control light box
OBCLTP(S1) ABS 3 way control light (for indicator with relais output). Acustical alarm, connexion cable, power supply from indicator.
Remote control
DFTL12-1(S1) 19-keys remote control and infrared receiver kit (max 8m).
TLR-1(S1) Radio frequency remote control and receiver. 433MHz, with 6 key, for use up to 50 m of distance, in appropriate environmental conditions (incompatible with repeater indicator or MSTSLV option).
Columns and supports brackets
TCB350 Stainless steel column h=350mm with painted steel fixings. Fitted with bracket for DFW, DFWL, DFWLI, 3590E, CPWET, TRI, DGT20 and DGTPK series weight indicators. NOTE: on the TS platforms it's possible to mount only DFWL, DFWLI, TRI, DGT20 and DGTPK.
TCB500 Stainless steel column h=500mm with painted steel fixings. Fitted with bracket for DFW, DFWL, DFWLI, 3590E, CPWET, TRI, DGT20, DGTPK series weight indicators (not compatible with TS platforms).
TCB700 Stainless steel column h=700mm with painted steel fixings. Fitted with bracket for DFW, DFWL, DFWLI, 3590E, CPWET, TRI, DGT20, DGTPK series weight indicators (not compatible with TS platforms).
KWR10 Kit of 4 rubber wheels and galvanized steel frame for CSP column. A pair of idler wheels and a pair with brakes.
CSP38I-1 Stainless steel column 450x450mm, h=917mm, Ø 38mm. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
CSP38 Stainless steel column 450x450mm, h=917, Ø 38mm. Painted steel base. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
CSP38D Stainless steel column 350x350mm, h=750mm. Painted steel base. For the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.
STFI-1 Stainless steel fixing bracket. For mounting the weight indicator on wall.
STFR-1 Stainless steel fixing bracket with adjustable inclination. For mounting the weight indicator on wall.

All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.