Bench scales



Bench scale with weight indicator attached to the platform

The indicator can be mounted attached to the platform or it can be installed in any desired position, enabling the weighing of bulky objects.

Bench scale with weight indicator designed which can either be mounted attached to the platform or it can be mobile for remote positioning, thanks to the stretchable cable. Available also CE-M APPROVED for legal for trade use.


  • Mobile weight indicator with adjustable inclination, ABS case and 1m connection cable. Backlit LCD display with 6 high contrast 25 mm digits and icons for showing the active functions. Functional waterproof 5-key keypad.
  • Aluminium load cell functioning.
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body, suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Stainless steel 365x235mm plate.
  • Level, adjustable feet, and lateral carrying handles.
  • Alimentation through built-in rechargeable battery (about 80h battery life) battery charger is included (to not use as power adaptor).
  • Packaging: 510x400x300mm size - approximate weight of 9,6kg.
  • Upon request:
    - ACCREDIA calibration with issuing of relative certificate;
    CE-M approval.


  • weight totalisation in loading or in unloading, manual or automatic;
  • lb/kg conversion;
  • tare;
  • auto switch-off;
  • backlight control;
  • battery levels warning;
  • zeroing.
Available versions
l x w x h

2R (g)*
d HR
(*) CE-M divisions are obtainable only with the relative options. HR divisions (not available for approved versions) needs the THR option.
International power plugs
UK-V3 Version with UK charger.
US-V3 Version with US charger.
AUS-V3 Version with AU charger.
Calibration service (ACCREDIA/DAKKS) only at time of order
CT4 ISO 17025 calibration certificate from 6 to 60 kg for single scale/platform. For precision and industrial scales, crane scales. The certificate is provided in digital format (pdf) and sent by e-mail.
Approval for sale to third parties
ECEM2 Multi-range 3000+3000e legal for trade approval, for single platform/scale. NOTE: Depending on the product, the ECEM approval service may require DINICAL calibration service. Check to see if DINICAL is in the product options.
ECEMDOC Printed EU declaration of conformity, EU certificate of verification, test certificate and metrological book (free download from our website, only for approved CE-M products). NET €.
High resolution (d HR)(only at time of order)
THR High Resolution (HR) model.
Storing the weighs
SWM "WeiMonitor" PC program to monitor and record in real time weighs performed on the connected scale (the price is intended for the license to manage one scale).
Communication Interfaces
BLTH-3(S1) Built-in bluetooth interface. For wireless connection of the scale to tablets, smartphones, laptops or barcode scanners.
Attention: this interface is not suitable for Master-Slave systems.
Connection cables
RSCBUSB-1 USB PC/RS232 converter cable, l=1,5m. USB/RJ11 connector.

Pdf product page All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.