Services and Conditions


Sales prices are always net of VAT, to be paid by the buyer.


  • The warranty period is 24 months from delivery, excluding the parts classified as expendable materials such as: mechanical print heads, batteries, mass storages (SD, USB, etc.), electric motors, and wheels. The warranty period for these expendable materials is 3 months.
  • The warranty refers to breakdowns resulting from any construction defect or material defect of the product supplied and covers the cost of labour and spare parts. The product must be returned to Dini Argeo headquarters in its original packaging with shipping paid by the sender.
  • If work is required at the place of use, the applicant will bear the technician’s transfer expenses. Dini Argeo will bear the labour of the repair and the cost of any replaced parts.
  • The warranty does not apply to breakdowns due to improper use or non-observance of the operating instructions, electrical phenomenon, tampering, unauthorised attempted repair, connections to other equipment or removal of any product identification elements (serial number, label, etc.). This warranty does not provide for any compensation for damages, direct or indirect, incurred by the user due to complete or partial failure of instruments or systems sold, even during the warranty period. The warranty for the load cells excludes the damages caused by impacts and overloads (the overload is evident if the cell output signal measured, powered and without load, has an output voltage over 1 mV).


  • Repairs at Dini Argeo premises are carried out at the current hourly rates and on the basis of the prices shown in the spare parts price list. If the repair price estimate is necessary before proceeding, the applicant must explicitly request it when ordering the repair of the goods. In this case the repair will be made once the price estimate filled in by the Dini Argeo technical assistance dept. has been accepted.
  • Technical assistance and/or installation at the customer’s premises is carried out upon agreement with Dini Argeo technical and/or sales personnel and with written confirmation for acceptance of the conditions in force.
  • The repair of DINI ARGEO products must be requested by sending the proper RMA (Return Material Authorization) form. Once the form has been received the Technical Assistance Dept. will communicate the applicant the RMA number that is to be indicated on the documents of transport. To use this service, simply access the reserved area and fill in the on-line form in order to send the material for repair.
  • Returned products will only be accepted, if previously agreed upon and authorised by Dini Argeo's sales office.


  • Delivery is Ex Works. The transport risks, loss and/or damage of goods, are to be borne by the buyer even if the goods are delivered carriage free. Transportation by couriers affiliated with Dini Argeo is available.
  • The prices shown include also cardboard packaging when the goods fit in a carton with dimensions up to 680 x 520 x 320 mm. When the goods take up more space pallets are used.
  • For orders whose total amounts are less than 50 Euro, prices are net of discounts.
  • Payment delays, collection fees, and interest arrears will be charged at the “prime rate” increased by 5 percentage points.
  • Any claims or objections do not authorise the buyer to delay or suspend payments.
  • The sales prices are considered accepted by Dini Argeo only after written confirmation of the purchase order by Dini Argeo and except for what was sold.
  • Orders placed are not subject to cancellation, change or reduction in amount or suspension of deliveries except with Dini Argeo’s consent and upon terms that indemnify Dini Argeo against loss. Agreements shall be confirmed in writing.
  • Requests for additional documentation, drawings, audits of factories or inspection of equipment in-process, additional testing, additional inspections are not included in product prices and will be quoted as a separate item.
  • Dini Argeo reserves the right of ownership on the delivered material until the customer has paid for the goods.
  • Any disputes arising under or in connection with the supply of products shall be finally settled according to Italian law and the place of jurisdiction is Modena.
Selling and Supporting Products Restrictions
  • As countries and companies place restrictions on the locations they will do business with, it is critical you understand how these restrictions may apply to you, so you can maintain trade compliance.

    Companies located in these countries cannot receive sales or support for Rice Lake's global brands products from our offices or through our authorized distributors: Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Crimean Region.

    Read our full guide: Selling and Supporting Products Internationally.

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