Weight indicators





Very simple to use multifunction weight indicator in ABS. Connectable to load cell platforms; pieces counting, % weight, weight check, totalisation/formulation functions. Internal resolution of 600.000 points. CE-M approval for legal for trade use.


  • Backlit LCD display with 6 digits 24mm high.
  • Membrane waterproof keypad with 7 keys and acoustic feedback.
  • ABS case, fitted with support bracket with adjustable inclination, for column mounting.
  • Connection with up to 4 load cells (350 Ohm input resistance).
  • Max. 3000e in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.
  • Calibration and Set-up parameters from keypad, with completely programmable capacity and division.
  • Rechargeable built-in battery (up to 70h battery life) and 230 Vac power adapter (EU plug).
  • Packaging: 340x260x230mm size – approximate weight of 2,5kg.
  • Upon request: connection to a platform and configuration/calibration at our premises.


  • Piece counting;
  • weight check, with 2 thresholds and acoustic alarm;
  • weight totalisation, in loading or in unloading;
  • unit conversion: kg, g, lb, oz;
  • weighing filter selection;
  • setting range of auto-zero at the switch-on;
  • zeroing;
  • zero tracking;
  • semi-automatic tare;
  • digital calibration;
  • backlight enabling;
  • low battery warning.
Weight indicator: Available versions
AFW Multifunction weight indicator in ABS, with backlit LCD 24 mm display and 7-key waterproof membrane keypad. With RS232 serial port.
Options only available at time of order of the indicator with a platform
OBTPRSH(S1) ABS bench thermal printer for Scale House products (to be combined with specific cable for each scale). 58 mm paper width; 50 mm roll diameter; power supply through built-in 110-240 Vac power supplier.
RSCBBC(S1) 1,5 m cable for connecting AFW, ALGM, ASB, ASC, ASG, BCSD and HLD series scales to OBTPRSH printer.
RSCBPCBC 1,5 m RS232/C cable for connecting AFW, ASC, BCSD, GAM and KS series scales to PC.
SHCAL1 Calibration service for platform up to 30 kg, connected to Scale House weight indicator - NET PRICE
SHCAL2 Calibration service for platform from 31 to 1500 kg, connected to Scale House weight indicator - NET PRICE
SHCAL3 Calibration service for platform from 1501 to 6000 kg, connected to Scale House weight indicator - NET PRICE
Spare parts
SHAL14 12V 500mA power supplier (EU).
14DFWBA Lead battery, 6V 4.5Ah. ATTENTION: for the purchase of the entire INSTAPLUGBK extractable rechargeable battery please refer directly to the TPWLK, TPWP or TPWTS pallet truck data sheet.
15AFWCK Keyboard overlay.
15AFWCC Moulded protective covers in transparent plastic.

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