Bulk Material Weighing

BulkSlide Solids Flow Meter

  BulkSlide Solids Flow Meter

The Master BulkSlide is a solids flow meter that measures with accuracy from ± 0,5 percent. It can be used for most solid bulk products that are free-flowing and non-sticky. The BulkSlide calculates the product flow and total by measuring the force of the bulk product as it contacts the curved plate within the BulkSlide assembly.

The BulkSlide offers many advantages, including nearly zero maintenance and very low power consumption. With a stable zero point, compact design and many communications options to transfer data to a PLC or PC, the BulkSlide is adaptive for many environments.

Main features

  • Accuracy from ±0,5%
  • Independent from density
  • Communication Option: 4-20mA or Fieldbus


  • Grain/Feed
  • Cement/Construction Materials
  • Wood
  • Recycling
  • Food and Chemical

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