GLR100: RGB LED alphanumeric graphic repeater

Dear Customer,
We are pleased to introduce the new “GLR100” alphanumeric weight repeater, designed to revolutionise standard weighing applications by using the latest RGB LED technologies. The LED matrix display shows fully customisable messages, which guide an operator through tasks to simplify them. This is ideal for dosing, weight control and vehicle weighing applications. Approved version available on request.

Main features:

• Large weight display, 110 mm high, with metrological icons
• Displays customised 16-character operational messages (two 42 mm lines)
• Management of scrolling texts
• Integrated three-colour traffic light function
• Visible from a long distance
• Interfaceable with 3590, DFW and DGT weight indicators

Available operating modes:
• Weight repeater
• Alphanumeric display
• Three-colour (red, yellow or green) traffic light management

Technical specifications:
• RGB HIGH LUMINOSITY LED matrix display,
605 mm x 150 mm
• RS485 or radio communications
• Painted steel container, with IP54 protection rating
• Assembly brackets with VESA connection

To display the full technical data sheet, click HERE

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