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New ETI platforms

Dini Argeo is pleased to inform you that, thanks to the streamlining of the project, from today the ETI series stainless steel “floor” platforms C3 version are available at a more competitive price.

We also take this opportunity to introduce the new C6 series, 6000e and 6000+6000e approved, specifically for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

Why choose the ETI platforms
Designed and produced in Italy, the ETI platforms have been installed in harsh environments for over 20 years and meet the need to weigh accurately in contact with water, dirt and aggressive substances or in hazardous, explosive ATEX zones.

Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, the ETI platforms are today fitted with:

New KSBFI series high precision, oscillating, ball feet.

SBX series loading cells, outsized with respect to load capacity, for greater protection against accidental overloads.

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