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Specific program for production / statistical checks

The new AF04GT program for the 3590 series touch screen indicators provides all the main functions for monitoring, checking and tracking production batches, both in sample mode and full statistics mode.

The control criteria are fully configurable for each article / batch in accordance with current regulations or customizable according to your evaluation criteria.

The touch screen interface displays all the statistical data in real time as numerical values or in the form of a graph. The multiple production line function allows you to carry out up to 10 checks simultaneously on different articles.


• Statistical check functions according to legal regulations
• Full statistics check
• Full/empty package check cycles
• Tare check cycles
• Tolerance checking
The display changes colour according to the result of the check:

• Database of 1000 articles with 3 alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters, density coefficient, nominal weight, tolerance thresholds, associated tare and control type.
• Database of 100 operators with 3 alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters.

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