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The solution to weigh your vehicle is in your hands!

The WWS platforms are a technological and innovative product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy for the weighing vehicles and large objects. The WWS platforms can be used in all the applications in which it is necessary to quickly and easily weigh vehicles or structures with multiple mounting points, such as automobiles, tractors, carts, airplanes, trucks, tankers, containers, bins, bottles, buckets, etc. They are particularly suitable for creating mobile weighing stations: thanks to their reduced weight and the ease in moving and placing them, in a few minutes it’s possible to create a weighing station on any type of firm flat surface.


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  • Checking the weight of the materials transported by vehicles creating easy Delivery/Dispatch product records.
  • Verify the weight of each single wheel, of each single axle, and then the total weight sums.
  • Calculate the centre of gravity coordinates of the weighted structure.
  • Weigh for limited periods of time (harvests, crops, etc.), without the need for permanent foundations.
  • Check for possible vehicle overloading, avoiding any unpleasant sanctions.
  • The wireless platform, with its integrated indicator, can be used individually making it very useful for use in many Industry sectors.
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A valuable product, simple in its construction philosophy but at the same time technological and innovative, feature evolved techniques which make it reliable and long-lasting.

The WBS is a quality product with a high capacity and accuracy manufactured to keep these two features unaltered over time. The executed weights are APPROVED for legal for trade use, according to the EN45501.


Unlike weighbridges of last generation the DTW requires no costly masonry work for its installation, and it can be easily removed when required elsewhere, optimizing space and saving time and money.

Made in Italy

Dini Argeo is a company specialising in the design and manufacture of scales and weighing systems, with a proven track record in the world for quality and reliability.

The solutions created by Dini Argeo cover all industrial weighing applications:

  • reading, editing, and transmission of the weight data
  • easy, sequential, simultaneous dosages, in filling or discharging, continuous on belt or in loss in weight
  • weighing in ATEX zones with risk of explosion
  • parts counting, labeling
  • check production lines, statistical check of pre-packaged goods
  • weighing logistics (pallet truck scales, fork lift scales, hanging scales)
  • vehicle weighing (weighbridges, static and dynamic wheel and axle weighing).

The wide range of interfaces and fitted communication protocols allow the Dini Argeo products to be easily integrated in the industrial world of automation and process control, in order to create OEM systems with customized functions.

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