Installation, testing and maintenance

Dini Argeo with its own Assistance Network, is present widespread throughout Italy and in the world, guaranteeing support to installation and a prompt and highly qualified testing, with a continuous research of specific solutions for all needs and for all applications.

A highly qualified and efficient technical and repair assistance guarantees a prompt handling and solution of all requests of our customers. The vast spare part stock and the various programmed maintenance formulas allow for a continuous support also for customers which require a continuous functioning of the systems without interruptions.

From the definition of the specific needs at the time of purchase to the post-sales assistance, Dini Argeo offers a reliable support for a complete turnkey service.

Our services include:

  • Installation and testing at the customer of each instrument and application;
  • Periodical and metric verification on weighing instruments;
  • Periodic Calibration Control;
  • Technical assistance, spare parts, and programmed maintenance.