Price Computing Scales




System with 3590EGT indicator + TQE30 Platform

Application example

Solution for price computing function with an evolved article, ingredients, weight, and price management. It allows to indicate on the label important information regarding traceability, through the most requested codifications (EAN13, EAN128 bar codes, etc.).
It is possible to create your own custom-made solution, by choosing the weight indicator and the most suitable platform among those listed in the tables below. The system can also be enriched and enhanced through the many available options.


  • Zero setting; Gross/Net visualization.
  • Selfweighed, presettable tare (direct or calculated).
  • Price computing functions:
    - Calculation of amount, with price linkable to the article.
    - Fixed or variable weight functioning.
    - Configurable dual currency management with conversion factor.
    - EAN product code management and checkdigit calculation.
    - Traceability of the product.
    - Seasoning date and expiry date management.
  • Horizontal totalization (sum by lots), vertical (sum by formulation), in discharge of the weight and the amount, manual and automatic.
  • 4 levels of totals zeroable and printable in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, total by article.
  • Selection of visualized data on the graphic LCD display.
  • Completely configurable keyboard functions according to the customers’ needs.
  • Multifunction weight repeater:
    reception and visualization of the weight from a scale or an external device through serial port, with the possibility to use the received data for all the available functions.
  • 15 configurable and printable text ID`s containing 32 characters, for example: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • Database of 1000 Articles with 4 alphanumeric descriptions of 30 characters, EAN code, checkdigit on the weight, linked tare, predefined print format, functioning as weight or price/amount, price, seasoning date, expiry date; 50 linkable ingredients, linked customer.
  • Database of 200 Customers with alphanumeric description of 5 lines of 30 characters.
  • Database of 300 Tares; lock/unlock tare function.
  • Selection of Article, Customer, Tare from the database through bar code reader emulating the keyboard.
  • "Calculator" function: it is possible add, subtract or multiply two values entered with the keyboard, print the result and apply it to the tare.
  • Programmable printout from keyboard or from PC (through the free Dinitools.net software) of 30 print formats linkable to various functions (Totalization, Article Total, Partial total, General total, Grand total); each print format may contain up to 2048 positions which may be ASCII codes or preconfigured print blocks (i.e. product description, EAN code, ingredient description, lot and weigh progressive numbers, gross weight, tare, net, additional total, date and time, etc.).
  • Prints list of last 50 weighs; prints product database with product's weight data.
Available versions
l x w x h


2R (g)*
d HR
(*) These divisions are obtainable only with the relative options
Weight indicator
3590EGT Colour Touch Screen indicator with AF01 software. Stainless steel IP68 case.
AF05 Software for price computing and industrial labelling.
Calibration service with weight indicator
DINICAL Connection to a Dini Argeo indicator and calibration. NET PRICE.
Legal for trade approval
ECEM CE-M Single platform/scale legal for trade approval.
ECEM2 CE-M single platform legal for trade multi range approval.
ECEMDOC Printed EU declaration of conformity, EU certificate of verification, test certificate and metrological book (free download from our website, only for approved CE-M products). NET €.
High resolution (d HR)(only at time of order)
THR High Resolution (HR) model.
Optional power supply cords
PWCORDUK Power supply cord with BS1363 plug (UK plug).
PWCORDCH Power supply cord with SEV1011 plug (CH plug).
Storing the weighs (only at time of order)
USBEGT Built-in USB port kit for data storing on USB key. To be coupled with touch screen weight indicators. It does not occupy serial ports. Fitted with USB key for PC. TAKE NOTE: this interface is not available on its own.
USBK Set of 5 USB keys for recording the weighs.
SWM WeiMonitor PC program for monitoring and recording weighs in real time, from one or more scales (price of a license for a single scale management).
Communication Interfaces
OBRF-2(S1) External 868 MHz radio module, cable l=3m. ABS IP65 protecting box, 3 m cable, power supply from weight indicator. Max. distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels.
OBRF232-2 External 868 MHz radio module with ABS box and cable l=3m. Fitted with DB9 connector and external power adapter. Max. functioning distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels. (OBRF232 must be combined with another radio module).
WIFITD-1(S1) Built-in WI-FI interface. For wireless connection (through access point) to the company computer system.
ETHD(S1) Built-in Ethernet interface. Speed from 10 to 100 Mbps, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, Ethernet Mac protocols.
Connection cables
RSCBRJ(S1) RS232/C serial cable - DB9/RJ11 - l=1,5m.
RSCBUSB-1 USB PC/RS232 converter cable, l=1,5m. USB/RJ11 connector.
LP542S(S1) Direct thermal labeller.
LP542TT(S1) Thermal transfer or direct termal labeller. Peel-off kit in option.
SMTPLUSPRO(S1) Thermal transfer or direct termal labeller. Peel-off kit in option.
LPRPK(S1) Peel-off kit for LP542TT.
RSCBLP(S1) RS232 cable l=1,5m for LP542xx, SMTPLUS, PR80 printers.
RSCBLP10M(S1) RS232 cable l=10m for LP542xx, SMTPLUS, PR80 printers.
TPRXTEGT(S1) Thermal printer for mounting attached to 3590EGT indicator. IP65 stainless steel case and a cover door for protection from sprays and dust, for harsh or strict hygiene environments. Power supply from weight indicator.
APRNSERV Custom-made label (up to 4 layouts). NET price.
PC keyboard / Scanner / Connection cables
KBCBCE(S1) PC keyboard or barcode reader cable with MINI DIN connector.
SCCDR2 Bar code laser scanner (it needs a mini DIN cable). Compatible with UPC/EAN, Code 39, 39 Full ASCII, 128 and others. Reading depth: 3-6 cm (resolution 0.076 mm), 3-25 cm (resolution 0.3 mm).
Calibration service (ACCREDIA/DAKKS) only at time of order
CT4 ISO 17025 calibration certificate from 6 to 60 kg. For precision and industrial scales, crane scales.
CT5 ISO 17025 calibration certificate from 61 to 300 kg. For precision and industrial scales, crane scales.

All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.