Dynamic checkweigher with three belts and metal detector "DLWPRO-M" series


Dynamic checkweigher with three belts and metal detector "DLWPRO-M" series

  Dynamic checkweigher with three belts and metal detector "DLWPRO-M" series

  • One inlet conveyor
  • One weighing conveyor
  • One reject conveyor
  • Belt movement by brushless motor.
  • Two rejectors for contaminated products and products out of weight tolerance (air jet ejector available on demand).
  • Two Waste bins (400x300)
  • Integrated filter/reducer unit and emergency relief valve
  • USB connection
  • Ethernet/LAN connection
  • The integrated metal detector module can detect any contamination of the controlled products:
    - management from main touchscreen for greater simplicity of use; no programming or adjustments are needed directly on the metal detector.
    - single-frequency detection system which high immunity to interference; high-frequency or multi-spectrum version available on demand.
    - automatic balancing system.
    - metal detector reject diagnostic system with photocell and possibility of stopping the machine.

    Model-specific span shown on the "Versions" table.
The "DLWPROMD" weight selector can weigh and monitor packages transiting across the conveyor line to check product weight and contamination. It is suitable for dynamically weighing packaged products, both for internal use in factories and for MID approved use, with statistical check and reports for production monitoring. Developed on Windows® PC base, it is extremely user-friendly thanks to the touch-screen operator interface.

Over 350 packages/min - Over 70 m/min

AISI304 Stainless steel structure, IP65 (IP67 version on request).

Integrated metal detector configurable from the touch screen.


  • 12” colour resistive TFT & touch screen monitor, 800x600px resolution which allows quick and intuitively use of the main functions aswell as displaying the reports of batches.
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel structure and FDA-compliant materials, with rounded surfaces, for severe and thorough cleaning and hygiene criteria.
  • Stand and column, with electrical panel function, adjustable height, h = +/- 30 mm, by levelling feet.
  • Motor control electronics with by-pass option (through electromechanical switch): possibility of transport even if the checkweigher control board is deactivated.
  • Belts made of specific material for contact with food.
  • Rapid conveyor belt and drive belt replacement system
  • Speed management photocell
  • Machine degree of protection: IP65; IP67 version on request.
  • Belts size: depending on the model, see purchase codes description
  • Rollers Ø 28/28 mm
  • Aluminium load cell with IP67 protection.
  • Working height: to be specified in the order, from 600 to 1000mm
  • Machine total length: 900mm
  • Machine direction: to be specified in the order
  • Electric power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz single phase
  • Input power: 500 W
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 Bar
  • Working temperature: +5...+40 °C


  • Dynamic weight acquisition
  • Over 350 packages/min, depending on the product (to be defined in the offer)
  • Belts speeds: from 10 to 70 m/min (to be defined at the offer stage)


  • Specific weighing program for the statistical check of pre-packaged items , with the possibility to display the reports of the checks made as a table and export them to a USB drive or over an ETHERNET connection.
  • Automatic speed adjustment according to set parameters / items.
  • Automatic static adjustment and calibration.
  • Metal detector calibration and configuration.
  • Consecutive reject check for error signalling
  • Expandable archive of over 500,000 items, which can be interfaced with a management database to update the items database.
  • Archive of the past production batch reports, with the possibility to store more than one year of data.
  • Multi-language selection (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian).
  • Multi-level access password.
  • Possibility of remote assistance upon customer’s explicit request and authorization.

All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.