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WBSAA weighbridge

IP68 load cells

Chequered loading surface

Modular new generation weighbridges, for installation flush floor to the road surface. Suitable in industrial, agricultural, and commercial fields. The standard version is fitted with CE-M 3000+3000e APPROVAL.


  • Bearing structure formed by reinforced steel beams.
  • Sturdy load surface in very thick antislip sheet steel, which guarantees extreme rigidity with every type of vehicles.
  • Anticorrosive treatments and high-resistance painting.
  • Double shear-beam IP68 load cells, C3 precision class, EN45501 approved, complete of spherical selfcentering oscillating joints, for compensating the thermal expansions, guaranteeing safe weighs and long term accuracy.
  • The load capacity complies with the 96/53/EC Directive which defines the maximum axle load for the vehicles transiting in Europe (version for higher loads is available upon request).
  • Inspected trapdoors for cells maintenance.
  • Reduced height (up to 370 mm from the resting surface).
  • IP68 junction box, complete of 30m connection cable to the indicator.
  • Dual range 3000 + 3000e CE-M approval.
  • Wide range of available weight indicators and accessories.


  • Angles' kit for flush floor installation.
  • 3GD and 2GD ATEX versions upon request.
Available versions
l x w x h
Nr. of cellsMax

2R (kg)
WBSAA18-118,00x3,00x0,371030000/60000 (**)10/20
(*) NET PRICE, CE-M APPROVAL included (please contact the sales department for further information).
(**) 80000kg capacity upon request.
Transport and installation
WBTRASP1 Weighing system transport costs. Ask for price estimate.
Calibration service with Dini Argeo indicator (only at time of order)
CD5 ISO 9001 DINI ARGEO calibration report, from 15001 a 60000kg, for single scale/platform. For WBSA, DTW and RWS. ACCREDIA reference weights.
Kit for installing on the street surface
WB9TF Angles' kit for WBSAA with 9x3m plate. NET €
WB14TF Angles' kit for WBSAA with 13,5x3m plate. NET €
WB18TF Angles' kit for WBSAA with 18x3m plate. NET €
Protection for junction box/electronic circuits
GELBOX(S1) Anti condensation, insulating, and sealing gel. Useful to protect the electronic circuits of the weighing system, even under prolonged immersions conditions. Pack of 300ml.
For JB10Q/JB10QD: 1200ml of gel required
Main connactable indicators
TSCR203 Touch Screen PC with Weitruck software, for weighbridge management. zum Management Wägebrücken. TFT 15" monitor, 1024x768 maximum resolution.
3590EGTBOX Stainless steel Self-Service system fitted with a stainless steel 3590EGT indicator, software for vehicle weighing and weigh bridge management, thermal printer and RFID reader.
3590ETP-1 Touch screen indicator with AF01 software with attached printer. ABS enclosure. Colour Display.
AF03GT Software for weighbridges, vehicle In/Out. For 3590 "TOUCH SCREEN" weight indicators.
3590EPXP Indicator with AF01 software and attached printer. ABS case, 25-key keypad, LED display and backlit graphic LCD display.
AF03 Software for weighbridges, input/output vehicle. For 3590 and CPW weight indicators.
DFWRPT Indicator for weighbridges management with attached printer. IP65 ABS case, 17-key keypad, backlit LCD display and real time clock.
DGT100BC-1 Weight indicator with 100mm LED display. IP68 stainless steel case, 5-key keypad, and air valve for regulating the humidity and the pressure.
NOTE: to know the range of available printers and accessories, refer to the product data sheets of the weight indicators.

Weight repeaters
GLR100 RS485 alphanumeric repeater with 110 mm multicolour LED display.
DGT100R-1 Weight repeater with 100mm LED display. IP68 stainless steel case, 5-key keypad, air valve for regulating the humidity and the pressure.
TM295(S1) DotMatrix impact printer. Paper / Labels / Tags not included.
LX300PRO(S1) DotMatrix impact printer. Paper not included.
PR80-1(S1) Thermal printer with paper cutter.
RSCBLX(S1) RS232 cable l=1,5m for LX300, TM295 printers.

Pdf product page All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.