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The Dini Argeo website now includes CIBE weights and weight sets! Starting today, it is possible to buy a wide range of weights, masses and weight certifications made by CIBE.
Please contact the Dini Argeo sales department for more details and to activate your web cart, then you can view and cart CIBE weights and weight sets under PRODUCTS on the Dini Argeo website.

CIBE is a leading Weight and Measures Laboratory, based in Milan. CIBE is a Dini Argeo ACCREDIA accredited company (equivalent to DKD, UKAS and COFRAC), specializing in the testing of weighing systems, weight and scale calibration as well as metrological advice. Founded in 1983, CIBE guarantees the highest levels of precision to international standards. In 2016, it was acquired by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

CIBE provides services to:

• Research and development laboratories
• Analysis laboratories
• Metalworking companies
• Chemical companies
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Producers of weighing instruments
• Calibration laboratories
• Periodic verification laboratories

CIBE offers a wide range of weights, weight sets and accessories (cases, suitcases, gloves, tweezers, and more).

WEIGHTS AND WEIGHT SETS The precision class from E1 to M1 allows them to be used in legal metrology research, laboratory and industries. All weights and weights sets are subject to OIML R111 requirements.

HIGH CAPACITY MASSES These weights are useful in legal metrology and industry (M1 precision class) and are intended for the calibration of weigh bridges. The refined design has been created in order to stack and transport them with ease.

Contact the Dini Argeo Sales Department for more details.

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