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MCW09 Professional
New capacities and approved versions

Starting from today, MCW09 is available in three new capacities, 3T, 6T and 9T. Approved versions available.

These new versions substitute the actual MCW3000, MCW3000M, MCWT6, and MCWT6M models.

Evolution of the models MCW and MCWK, MCW09 professional includes all the necessary technical features in order to weigh in harsh industrial environments, both indoor and outdoor.

• STAINLESS steel AISI 304 full body
• Overall protection degree IP67
• 40mm display, with super-bright red LEDs
• Suitable for continuous use, thanks to the extractable battery included
• Fitted with approved shackles
• Minimum reduction of lifting height, thanks to its compact dimensions
• Compliant with the 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU standards

To see the complete technical data sheet, click HERE

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