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KCPN, load cell mounting assembly kit for CP/CPX compression load cells

KCPN kits are designed to simplify the installation and the maintenance of CP/CPX load cells when used under silos, vessels, tanks and other rigid structures.

They handle external lateral forces and weight overloads thanks to their limit-nuts which also allow the locking of the kits themselves for transportation or for use with dummy load cells in liquids weighing applications.

KCPN kit features:

• Locking-nuts system offering load cell protection and restraint
• Lateral forces compensation
• Self-centering connection segment for a protection against electrostatic-charges
• Lifting system for facilitating the installation or removal of the load cell

From now on the kit is also available in the new nickel-plated steel version

KCPNA in nickel-plated steel

KCPN in stainless steel

• Nickel-plated structure
• Same mechanical features of stainless steel version
• Even more competitive price

To view the full technical details, click HERE

• Stainless steel AISI 304 structure
• ATEX 2GD version available
• Wide assortment range available

To view the full technical details, click HERE

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