Panel mounted weight transmitter and desk mounted indicator in a single solution, made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel with IP68 protection.

The DGT20I is the most versatile solution for weighing in a heavy industrial environment, as well as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

The new IP68 AISI304 stainless steel case allows for wall, bench or panel installation via our standard swivel bracket, keeping the IP68 protection both front and rear (through optional brackets), facilitating installation wiring, inspection and maintenance through the front panel removal system.

Technical features:

• 2 signal relay outputs for automation interfaces
• Analogue voltage output (0..10V) or current (0..20mA) (version "... AN")
• 2 photocoupled inputs for remote inputs that allow the most common weighing functions
• IP68 rated protection, both for bench and panel installations
• 20 mm red LED display with high visibility
• Waterproof keyboard
• 4-channel A/D converter for the management and transmission of the weight of 4 independent scales (silos, hoppers, etc.)
• Theoretical instrument calibration
• Digital keyboard calibration
• High speed weight data transmission of up to 240 tx/sec.

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IP68 protection for panel installation.

New closing system for easy wiring,
inspection and maintenance.

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