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New weight indicator DFW XP

We are proud to present the new version of the DFW XP multifunction weight indicator.

DFW XP is a versatile indicator, designed to offer the best performance in industrial environments with its rugged and spacious ABS case, that can hold interfaces and options for automation.

The IP65 degree of protection and waterproof keyboard allows its use in contact with water and dust.

Note: DFWPXP and DFWKPXP versions, with integrated printer, are already available with a prompt delivery; DFWXP and DFWKXP versions will be available from February 2017.

Equipped as standard with the new 4.0 programme

The new 4.0 programme has a very simple and immediate configuration menu, with quick access to calibration and all available adjustments, other than an ample range of functions for the user:

• Parts counting with average piece weight and amount of freely programmable references.
• +/- controller with quick target and threshold input.
• Percentage weighing for production checks.
• Manual percentage batching with programmable target.
• Easy to use two-speed filling/batching.
• TWeight totalizer.
• Formulizer.
• Weight conversion for meter and litre etc.counting systems and free conversion factor.
• High resolution display x 10.
• Precision weighing with temporary recalibration via a sample weight (for internal factory use)
• Hold to keep the weight on display.

The “alibi memory” and “setpoint” functions are available in combination with the required operating mode and they are activated automatically when installing the relevant optional board.

Furthermore, thanks to the DFWPK option it's possible to have a specific programme for detecting weight peaks and kg to N conversion.

The new indicator can be equipped on demand with the previous programme version.

To view the full technical details, click HERE

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