Touch Screen weight indicator with 8-inches display

Available from mid-September.
The technological evolution of our Touch Screen indicators continues with the new 3590EGT8 which incorporates all the latest innovations developed by Dini Argeo:

• New colour-resistive 8-inches Touch Screen graphic Display that allows more customizable data to be viewed.

• Ultimate generation IP68 case with adjustable tilt, in AISI304 stainless steel with a specific surface finish for harsh industrial environments

• Standard Ethernet port for connection to the corporate IT system (TCP/IP-UDP protocol)
Other than the chosen weighing programme, the 3590EGT8 weight indicator has an area for developing specific application programmes, integrated debugger and PC programming tools.

The fully customizable screens allow for rapid display changes and management of all the necessary weighing data, records and free texts. This makes the user's operations significantly simplier.


• Display size 160x120 mm
• 3-colour dot LED signal light
• AISI304 stainless steel body
• Overall protection IP68
• Fitted with adjustable bracket as standard
• Standard Alibi Memory
• Ethernet serial port or RS232 for connection to corporate IT system or to Bluetooth, WiFi, Profibus, etc. interfaces
• RS232 serial port for connection to printer, repeater or USB memory management
• RS232 / RS485 serial port for connecting to digital load cells, repeater, bar code reader, external pc keyboard.

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