Weighing Axles and Vehicles

Dini Argeo produces weighing systems to weigh any type of vehicle.
Portable vehicle scales are the most cost-effective weighing system as an alternative to traditional vehicle scales and are divided into:

Axle weighing scales
Axle weighing scales are composed of one or two weighing modules and allow you to weigh the vehicle by adding the weights of the individual axles.
In addition to being the most cost-effective way to weigh, they avoid penalties due to axle overloading and are particularly suitable for those who need to change the weighing location frequently.

In-motion axle scales
In-motion axle scales consist of one or two weighing modules. The weight is acquired as the vehicle passes over the scale, with no need to stop for weighing each axle. The weighing surface must be at floor level and does not require assistants for weighing.
They are particularly suitable for those who must weigh frequently or as weighing systems placed at the entrance or exit of industrial plants, thus avoiding the formation of queues and traffic jams.

Portable vehicle scales
Portable vehicle scales are modular weighing systems with up to 16 weighing pads. Due to the simultaneous weighing of each vehicle wheel, the weighing accuracy is comparable to that of a weighbridge.
Unlike a traditional weighbridge, they are significantly more cost-effective and allow you to view the vehicle balance and change locations frequently.
They are particularly suitable for those who need high accuracy and for weighing any vehicle such as trucks, aircraft and caravans.