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New Touch Screen weight indicator

The evolution of the 3590 Touch Screen line continues with the new 3590EGTT, which stands out with it’s new AISI304 adjustable tilting stainless steel case, cable glands on the bottom and a new IP68 enclosure, which allows easier cable connections and internal option PCB installation.

The 3590EGTT offers a memory area for the development of specific application programmes, by using its integrated debugger and programming tools for PCs.

Fitted with an alphanumeric mechanical keyboard and integrated cross-light for luminous signals.


• 5,7” Touch Screen graphic resistive display (120x90mm)
• Mechanical alphanumeric keyboard with 15 keys and 3-colors LED cross-light
• IP68 water and dust protection
• AISI304 Stainless steel case and adjustable bracket
• Alibi Memory as standard
• 3 RS232/RS485 serial ports for Bluetooth,USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces

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